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„Even successful companies can ruin themselves in future if they continue to do what they did in the past.“ (Warren Bennis, US leadership expert)

The classical type of recruiting is undergoing a change. Increasingly, companies and employers recognize that they require people who are not only technically suitable but also the right fit. This is where companies with conventional recruiting methods often come up against their limits.

The questions on the future are asked in a different and more varied way compared to questions on the past and the present. In future companies will increasingly have to tackle the question as to who the right people are for their company, and what softskills and subskills must be asked of their staff so that they continue to be competitive and innovative. Companies in all fields will have to address the following questions:

  • Which candidate fits into our system in cultural terms?
  • How can we integrate a new generation of young graduates and talented people with completely new values into our existing team?
  • How can we find the right people and best talents of „Generation Y“ and at which location?
  • What must we offer as a company to recognize, gain and retain these talents?
  • How will we make assessments in future on the basis of personality orientation to so we can spot suitable candidates for our company?
  • Who will guide us through the transformation processes in our company, and how?

For that reason the main focal points of daily work are put off in recruiting in the same way as in other corporate areas. We are ready to revamp the classical points of view and to structure the future of your company, in HR terms, together with you. Here we have a solid and strong network of partners who will stand by you to deal with questions regarding training, consulting and personal career development.

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